1. FAIR Project offers you supporting services facilitated by dedicated staff as virtual help Desk for apprenticeship regulatory framework, webinars, workshops, networking with schools and potential apprentices through database.

Schools & VET Local Actors

  1. FAIR Project offers you the possibility of dialogue, networking and cooperation to find out new perspectives and polices to foster work based learning culture and dual approach and to became member of a Think Tank group.


  1. FAIR Project offers you, guides, webinars about apprenticeship and soft skills, workshop and the possibility of networking with companies and local stakeholders

The target groups will be reached by communication and networking activities done by FAIR partners. All the companies of the three involved areas will be informed about FAIR, invited to access the information and guidelines, access the matching database and the e-learning section and, for those that have already made apprenticeships contract, invited to request the use of FAIR SME Brand.

A prominent role will be done by the business associations that will involve SMEs in order to test the support activities and spread the dissemination at national level.

Specific activities of networking, promotion and training will be addressed to Schools and young potential apprenticeship which represent an  indirect target  and beneficiary of the project.